Headrite Drills

The Headrite frame is versatile and can be used for individuals or multi player sessions. Coaches can use the Headrite as part of high intensity training, warm up for conditioning work or for working on technique. Individuals can also use the Headrite as part of their rehabilitation.

  • Our training allows players to practice heading in a safe controlled environment.
  • The ball is set to challenging heights to encourage players to jump and head, in the manner which most important headers on match day are conducted. There is a difference between ‘heading’ and ‘jumping and heading’.
  • The ball is moving for most headers, encouraging players to read its flight and in turn adjust feet and time their jump.
  • Player centered drills with no servers required. Poor service is eliminated.
  • In order to highlight the versatility of the Headrite frame we have put together some of the drills that can be used below. This is merely to give the coach an idea of its versatility, but no doubt modern coaches will be able to develop their own set of drills and usages that best suits the players they are working with.
  • We suggest that players have a training partner or training group with those of a similar height. Therefore, soon after the Headrite frames’ initial usage, the setting up of drills and groups will be smooth. We look forward to seeing more drills being devised by Headrite customers. Those that choose to adopt this valuable training methodology will become part of the Headrite community by sharing ideas enabling others to put player welfare first.

Header Types

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